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Aluminized film characteristics and applications
May 11, 2018


Aluminized film is a kind of composite flexible packaging material that is formed by applying a special process on the surface of plastic film with a very thin metal aluminum on the agenda. The most commonly used processing method is vacuum evaporation aluminum method, which is to pass high temperature under high vacuum state. The metal aluminum melts and evaporates, causing aluminum vapor deposition to accumulate on the surface of the plastic film so that the surface of the plastic film has metallic luster. Because it has not only the characteristics of plastic film, but also has the characteristics of metal, it is a kind of packaging material with low cost, good appearance, excellent performance and strong practicality. Therefore, aluminum film has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other products. Packaging, such as fast food, tea, coffee and cosmetics packaging. This article gives a brief introduction to the characteristics of the aluminized film and its application in dry compounding.

The use of aluminized films in flexible packaging has the following outstanding advantages:

First of all, the aluminum film conforms to the characteristics of the product having a plastic film; secondly, a dense layer of “aluminum plating” has a good barrier effect; at the same time, it is also relatively bright in appearance, so as to beautify the packaging effect of the product; The degree of replacement of aluminum foil composite packaging, thereby reducing the cost of packaging.

(1) The aluminized film has excellent metallic luster and good reflectivity, giving a rich and luxurious feeling. Using it to package goods can play a role in beautifying the goods and improving the quality of the goods.

(2) The aluminized film has excellent gas barrier property, moisture resistance property, light-shielding property, and fragrance protection property, and not only has strong barrier property against oxygen and water vapor, but also can almost all ultraviolet rays, visible light, and infrared rays. The shelf life and shelf life of the contents are prolonged. Therefore, for foods, medicines, and other products requiring extended shelf life, the use of aluminized films as packaging is a good choice to prevent moisture absorption, oxygen permeability, and The phenomenon of corruption, deterioration, etc. occurs in food or contents due to light irradiation and the like. In addition, the aluminized film also has aroma protection, aroma transmission is small, and the aroma of the contents can be maintained for a long time. Therefore, the aluminized film is a good barrier packaging material.

(3) Aluminized film can also replace aluminum foil to some extent, but the amount of aluminum used is greatly reduced, not only saving energy and materials, but also reducing the cost of commodity packaging.

(4) The aluminized layer on the surface of the aluminized film has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate the electrostatic effect. Therefore, the sealing performance is good, especially when the powdered item is packaged, the sealability of the package can be ensured, thereby greatly reducing the leakage. The incidence of the situation.

Due to the outstanding advantages of the above aspects, the application of the aluminized film has become more and more extensive, and it has become a widely used packaging material in the flexible packaging industry. There are many kinds of aluminized films, and the most commonly used aluminized films are mainly polyester aluminized films (VMPET) and CPP aluminized films (VMCPP). Polyester aluminized films have been used as an intermediate layer for composite packaging because of its Appearance is beautiful, most used in high-end packaging, such as milk powder, tea and other packaging bags. The CPP aluminized film (VMCPP) is generally used as a heat-sealable layer for composite packaging, commonly used in small foods (such as biscuits).

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