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coffee packaging bags requirement and type
Nov 08, 2017

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Coffee Packaging is a very important and careful process, which can protect coffee from the following damages factors:

1, the environment: contact with the air, coffee will deteriorate - more serious coffee powder. Because of exposure to air, the surface area of coffee powder is larger;

2, oxygen:  the fragrant ingredients will be oxidated, especially oxidated fat will give off rancid smell.

3, temperature: New coffee powder will quickly absorb moisture in the air, increase weight and reduce the effectiveness of extracting coffee ingredients, internal molecular pressure makes things more complicated. in the roasting process, it will release carbon dioxide and it will reduce aroma.

How to choose coffee packaging bags?

Keep coffee fresh is the most important thing for coffee roaster.  Although the perfect method does not exist, but the roaster must select a proper packaging method, to achieve the best result, packaging method depends on the type of consumers (bars, restaurants, families), transport distance and supply mode.

1, the coffee bags prevent coffee  from air, oxygen and water contact to avoid flavor loss.

2, the coffee packaging bags should have strength, to prevent accidental tearing or external pressure damage;

3, easy to open;

Coffee Packaging bags type

1,flexible non hermetic coffee packaging bag

This is the most economical packaging type. Usually used by the local small coffee roaster, because they can guarantee quick delivery. Coffee beans can be consumed out in time. The coffee beans in this package can only be kept for a short time.

2,  hermetic coffee packaging bag

Suitable for bar, home or indirect supply (supermarket, etc.). Because the carbon dioxide formed roasting process, this kind of packaging only can pack the coffee after degassed for a period of time, so there will be few days storage interval before packing. The coffee in this package should be used up in 10 weeks.

3, one-way valve coffee packaging

After roasting, packing the coffee in coffee bags with one-way valve. This valve allows gas to go out only. There is no degassing period before packaging, but because of the coffee packaging bags exhaust through the one-way valve, there will be a little aroma loss. It avoids the formation of rancid smell, but it can not prevent the loss of aroma.

4. Pressurized coffee packaging bags

This is the most expensive coffee packaging bags, but it can keep coffee fresh for two years. The size depends on the user type: family or bar. In a few minutes after roasting, coffee can be packaging. After adding some inert gas, keep proper pressure in the packing. The coffee beans are kept under pressure, leaving the aroma on the fat, keep the flavor of the coffee fresh.

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