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Composite substrate impact on plastic bags
Mar 13, 2018

The composite substrate is divided into printing base material, barrier material and heat sealing material.

The printing substrates should choose good mechanical strength, surface tension, printing

Adaptable, heat-resistant film material. Such as biaxial stretching

Acrylic Film (BOPP), Biaxially Stretched Polyester Film (BOPET), Double

To stretch nylon film (BOPA) and so on. Printed substrate mechanical properties

Reinforce heat seal strength, heat resistance flat against heat seal appearance

Whole action. The mechanical properties of the printing substrate are as follows: BO-

PA, BOPET, BOPP, so they are based on the same heat seal material

After the secondary compounding and bagging, the heat seal strength will decrease in turn. Printed substrate

The better the heat resistance, the better the flatness of the bag.

The barrier material has barrier properties, air tightness, moisture resistance, shading,

Anti-aromatic, excellent air permeability, etc.

Store contents. Such as biaxially oriented nylon film (BOPA), two-way

Stretched polyester film (VMALPET), aluminum foil, vinyl one

Vinyl alcohol copolymer film (EVAL), silicon coated film, polyvinylidene chloride

(PVDC) and so on.

Heat sealing material should have good heat sealing performance, chemical stability, and compliance

Health requirements, and have a certain degree of barrier. There are mainly polyethylene, polyethylene

Ep-coextruded film, polyethylene copolymer, polypropylene, and the like. Evaluation of heat seal material

Material performance indicators generally have tensile strength, elongation at break, right angle tear

Crack strength, surface roughness, haze, impact strength, friction factor, resistance

Puncture performance. Evaluate the heat sealing properties of the heat seal material

Warm seal, hot tack, heat seal strength, heat seal tensile state, anti-pollution

Heat sealing and so on. In order to meet the requirements of various packaging, meet the packaging machine

Machinery requirements, to meet the requirements for the production and storage of contents, need to be selected

Different heat seal materials. Cast polypropylene film (CPP) transparent

Degree, rigidity, oil resistance, moisture resistance, gas barrier, high temperature resistance than polyethylene

Efficient films are widely used in transparent food packaging and cooking bags.

For the continuous automatic filling of liquids, it is necessary to consider the use of heat

Good adhesion, anti-pollution heat sealable metallocene polyethylene (mPE) from

Sub-type resin (Surlyn). Because of the low temperature resistance of polyethylene film

Better than CPP, so it is widely used in frozen food packaging.

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