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detergent spouted pouches advantage
Nov 09, 2017

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The detergent spouted pouch is very popular liquid packaging pouch. The liquid pouch as high barrier properties and high temperature resistance. The liquid pouch is easy to open, good strength, reusable, more convenient.

Compare spouted pouches to glass and rigid plastic bottle – when it comes to quality and price, the spouted pouches are  one of the lowest cost options for detergent packaging. Meanwhile, packaging with liquid spouted pouches can save 20% logistic cost.

The detergent spouted pouches features:

1,The liquid spouted pouches have strong heat sealing fastness, good pressure resistance, good resistance to dropping broken, not easy to break, no leaking. It can replace the bottle, it's reusable, strong sealing, easy to storage, suitable for manual and automatic filling, excellent quality, exquisite printing, luxury appearance.

2,the liquid spouted pouches have good sealing property, the laminated materials protect the products from puncture, moisture, UV rays and other hazards and contaminants. keep  product stays fresh.

Spouted stand up pouches are the best liquid packaging option for both you and your customer. In addition to being efficient and cost effective, they are easier to use and reduce hassle and waste. Traditional liquid and beverage packaging, especially for messy products like grease, can be both frustrating and wasteful. By providing a better packaging alternative, you’re proving that your business is thoughtful, innovative, and focused on the customer experience.

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