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Four trends in the development of packaging materials industry
Jun 21, 2017

Packaging materials industry with the gradual acceleration of the process of economic internationalization, China's packaging materials industry has experienced a rapid development stage, today has established a considerable production scale, has become an important part of China's manufacturing field. The future development of packaging materials industry in China highlights four trends:

One, packaging materials industry will be further personalized development

Due to the large demand, China's packaging industry is batch, large-scale development, to meet the needs of development. But it has also resulted in homogenization of competition and price wars. Simple productivity improvement and cost reduction will gradually feel the market pressure, and differentiated, personalized packaging solutions will become the trend of development.

Second, new sales patterns to create new packaging materials Solutions

How to provide solutions for the market to become a breakthrough in the packaging industry. The kind of customer-oriented enterprises that do not study the market will be the result of not following the needs of customers have been phased out, new sales patterns need to package new solutions.

Third, the packaging material industry will be integrated, systematic direction of development

Packaging is not a single packaging method of superposition, but to stand on the integrity of consideration. With the maturity of the market, unable to provide a complete solution to the supplier because of the inability to systematically reduce packaging costs, the customer's bargaining power will be weakened, packaging enterprises need a holistic, systematic packaging methods.

Four, the replacement of artificial packaging materials and equipment in China's huge potential

Replacement of artificial packaging equipment due to product types and characteristics of different, its structure is also very diverse. Today, more and more robots are aiming at the market segment. It's not just about replacing people, but also having "eyes" and "brains" so that machines can be sold.

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