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Introduction to the self-styled bag
Jun 21, 2017

A sealed bag made of polyethylene is a kind of green products, durable, reusable, can be printed advertisement, Mark Head, can do refrigerator fresh-keeping bag, the use period is long.

Self-proclaimed bag: Mainly used in product packaging, storage of food, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, frozen food, products and so on, moisture-proof, waterproof, pest control, to prevent the scattering of things, the role of induction, to the buyer neat standard image, but also can be reused, lightly a press will be sealed airtight, non-toxic tasteless, good flexibility, sealed and free, very convenient.

The type of self-styled bag has the main bag, plastic bag, gift bag, shopping bag, vest bag, paper bag, self-reliance bag as a new type of packaging form of innovative self-reliance, consumer favorite. Self-supporting bag is a bottom support plastic flexible packaging structure, without any support can be independent, self-supporting bag packaging features, small and small easy to carry, packaging recycling, environmental protection and energy saving. Excellent packaging and printing effect, not only improve the visual effect of packaging, play a very good publicity effect. Self-supporting bags play a vital role in good products, packaging convenient food transportation and storage, also can ensure food hygiene and safety, in today's commercial age, the types of packaging bags, such as sealing film, automatic packaging film, vacuum bag, used to wrap the food of the tight jacket, the food quality of an important impact, in addition to the isolation of air pollution and other factors on the impact of food. Good packaging can extend the shelf life of food, for example: sealing film, mainly for yogurt, milk, tea, pickles and other cups sealed packaging, everyone knows that yogurt packaging period is very short, usually 3-4 days, sealing performance is good, sealing film plays an important role in yogurt, not only to ensure that yogurt and fresh, but also to protect the safety in the traffic process.

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