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Plastic bag classification(I)
May 05, 2018

First, according to the composite form: single-layer plastic bags and composite plastic bags. Single-layer plastic bags, mostly based on PE plastic film, also have heat-sealing grade BOPP.

Single-layer plastic bag features: 

1) cheap, 

2) using a table printing process 

3) mostly benzene-soluble ink

4) As the ink on the surface of the printing layer, relative gravure printing composite plastic packaging bags, easy to fade. 

5) Mostly used for garment packaging bags and general food packaging 

6) Low-end packaging.

Composite plastic packaging bag features: 

1) The price is relatively expensive compared to single-layer plastic packaging bag 

2) The use of mirrored gravure. 

3) Since there is no benzene-free ketone in the country, more and more manufacturers use benzene-free, ketone-free inks, but some manufacturers still use benzene-soluble inks to reduce costs. 

4) Since gravure printing is used Printing ink is located on the inner side of the printing layer and then compounded. This will not cause color decoloration due to friction, oxidation, etc., and will last a lot more than the single-layer plastic packaging bag. 

5) The composite plastic packaging bag has a wide range of applications. The food industry, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc. Because of its exquisite printing, and the enhancement of its functions, it is used more and more widely. 

7) Belong to high-end packaging


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