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Plastic bag classification(II)
May 05, 2018

According to the packaging function to divide: general-shaped packaging and special packaging. For example: three-layer packaging in composite packaging: BOPP/PET/PE, BOPP/WMPET/PE, BOPP/PE can be used for most of the packaging, such as jujube bags, brown sugar bags, condiment bags, dried fruit bags, Confectionery bags, roast duck bags, roast chicken bags, chicken thigh bags, etc. Most products can use this type of packaging material. Other packaging materials can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Special packaging bags are also more:

1. Such as rice packaging bags, millet packaging bags, seed packaging bags, pet miscellaneous grains packaging bags, if more than 2kg, BOPA/PE or PET/BOPA/PE is used, BOPA has strong tensile resistance, high resistance Oxygen, and soft texture.

2, high-temperature cooking packaging bags: including halogen egg bags, chicken packaging bags, roast duck inner bags, roast pigeon bags, chicken bags and other cooked food bags, more use BOPA / RCPP adoption, because BOPA and RCPP has high temperature resistance, and there are no problems at high temperatures of 121 degrees, 30 minutes, 131 degrees, and 30 minutes. There are also customers who use BOPA/AL/RCPP to reflect the level of packaging products.

3, chemical product packaging bags: including pesticide packaging bags, chemical corrosive product packaging bags, more use of PET / BOPA / AL / CPP, but because of its use of anti-corrosion adhesive compound, and CPP is still a certain type of breathable, long time Use, if corrosive liquids contact the anti-corrosion glue through CPP, it may cause delamination. The company developed a new product, the inner seal layer is coated with anti-corrosion material, can withstand a variety of corrosive liquids, and through non-adhesive pressure, will not cause delamination, widely used in pesticide packaging and various Corrosive liquid packaging.

4. Washing products: washing powder bags and laundry liquids self-standing bags, spout bags, washing powder bags are mainly BOPP/milk white PE, and customers also use BOPP/PET/milk white PE.

According to the bag shape classification: stand-up bags, self-standing zipper bags, three-side sealed zipper bags, self-standing suction mouth bags, special-shaped bags, ordinary three-side seal, back-sealed pillow-shaped bags, five-side seal, in the sealed bag.

A beautiful package, in addition to having a suitable bag shape, and then its exquisite printing quality, of course, safety and environmental protection is a prerequisite. With the continuous development of the plastic packaging market, plastic packaging bags should not only be functional packaging, but more and more people pay attention to the quality and aesthetics of printing. Advanced equipment, advanced technology, rapid R&D, increased investment, and accurate grasp of market trends will bring even more fierce competition to the plastic packaging industry.

Elevated companies: not only good technology but also good attitude Eliminating the shape of the enterprise: there is neither good technology nor a good attitude. Non-steady firm: a seemingly good technology and a seemingly good attitude hegemonic enterprise: possessing exquisite The technology does not have a good attitude.

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