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The accurate identification method of food plastic bag
Jun 21, 2017

Food plastic packaging bags are often used in people's lives, but also must be careful when used, some plastic bags are poisonous, can not be used directly to the food.

One, the eye observation method

The non-toxic plastic bag is white, transparent or slightly transparent, the texture is even, the poisonous plastic bag is color or although white, but the opacity is poor, the muddy, the plastic surface stretches uneven, has the small pellet.

II. Listen with your ears

When shaking the plastic bag with the hand, the crisp sound indicates that it is a non-toxic plastic bag, while the sound is small and stuffy is poisonous plastic bag.

Third, touch

Touch the surface of the plastic bag with the hand, it is very smooth is non-toxic;

IV. Smell with your nose

Non-poisonous plastic bags are tasteless; it is poisonous to have a pungent odor or taste.

Water immersion test method

Put the plastic bags in the water, with their hands to the bottom, a moment, the surface of the water is non-toxic plastic packaging bags, submerged in the bottom is toxic plastic packaging bags.

VI. Combustion method

Non-toxic plastic bags flammable, the flame tip is yellow, partially cyan, burning like a candle tears drip, there is paraffin taste; toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, fire is extinguished, the flame tip is yellow, or black, the bottom is green, softening can be brushed, but also can smell a pungent smell.

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