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The characteristics of self-proclaimed bag
Jun 21, 2017

Freshness: Keep fresh fruits and vegetables, prevent dry, lock delicious. Freezing: Refrigerate and defrost to ensure freshness and prevent chuanwei. Admission: Home travel, easy to carry, sealed easily. Damp-proof: dry storage, moisture-proof and humidity-isolating. Category: Sorting, easy to store, clean and hygienic.

Self-made bag can be used for cold compress, and the effect is very good, under the Fury plastic concrete to introduce the effect of the self bag. Because of the skin surface or subcutaneous bleeding, the use of a bag containing ice to apply to the bleeding place, can help clotting blood. Based on the characteristics of self-sealing bag dense leak-proof, so will be fitted with ice-sealed bag seal, wrapped with a towel, and then put into stockings or silk towel central, two ends knot, that is, "simple ice bag." Can be used for treatment: nosebleeds, traumatic bleeding, first aid, etc. very effective, such as:

1, fire too prosperous and out of the nosebleed, will be equipped with ice, the self-styled bag on the forehead, you can stop bleeding.

2, the body appears itch block, with the hand grasps easily infects, and the more grasps the more urticant, if uses "The ice pack" the cold compress, then the itch feeling can eliminate completely.

3, arthritis patients, can be used "ice pack" wrap around the knee, 3 times each day 20 minutes. 4 weeks will reduce the condition, but can not cure.

4, stiff neck patients, can be used "simple ice bag" to apply the affected, promote friction, 1-2 times a day, a quarter of an hour, a few times the more.

5, Toothache will be "simple ice bag" placed "Hegu" point (that is, "tiger" place), left pain on the right side, the right side pain on the left side.

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