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The color mode of designs of the plastic bags
Apr 21, 2018

1. RGB mode: It is a color standard in the industry. It is obtained by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and their mutual superposition. In the color, RGB is the color representing the three channels of red, green, and blue. This standard includes almost all the colors that human vision can perceive. It is one of the most widely used color systems. The

However, a fatal injury to RGB is that it cannot be used for actual output. That is, RGB color can only be seen on the display without any device capable of outputting it. When forcibly outputting, the computer will automatically change the RGB color. In CMYK mode, the color will become very bad. If you work in RGB mode and the customer is satisfied with the screen color, then misunderstanding happens because the color of the screen the customer sees will not appear to be what he wants without adding a spot color. . The

2. CMYK mode: C. Cyan M. Magenta Y. Yellow K. Black (black) CMYK model for print media, ie, based on the light absorption/reflection characteristics of the ink, the eye sees the color It is actually the color that the object absorbs light of a certain frequency in white light and reflects the rest of the light. Each CMYK four-color ink can use values from 0% to 100%. The percentage of color of the process ink specified for the brightest color is lower, while the percentage specified for the darker color is higher. The

No matter what the design, as long as the output, whether it is a printer, printer or printer, can only be output in CMYK mode. Therefore, in order to be as close to the output as possible, the CMYK mode must be used in the design. Note: The colors of each computer screen display the same color value will be slightly different, because different brands of monitors or different types (such as LCD and flat screen) of the monitor may have different settings, in addition to the printer box ink and final printing The bottled ink is obviously different, and the confirmed printed draft cannot be used to accurately compare with the final printing effect.

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