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vaccum packaging bags operating guide
Nov 14, 2017

Vacuum packaging bag is a kind of flexible packaging bag that widely used in our daily life. Vacuum packaging bags are very popular in food producer because of its superior packaging performance. Vacuum packaging bags are usually used for packing meats, vegetables, cooked food and pickled products. Vacuum packaging bags can extend the shelf life of food, once the vacuum bag is used improperly, its packaging performance will be invalid. So, how to properly use a vacuum packaging bag? Vacuum packaging bags can extend the shelf life of food, if we can not use the vacuum bag improperly, its packaging performance will not work. So, how to properly use a vacuum packaging bag?


I. temperature

Plastics are susceptible to high temperatures. Similarly, the vacuum packaging bag are same. So,don't put them under direct sunlight, because of the strong UV light will accelerate the aging of vacuum packaging bag. Severe temperature changing will make plastics very fragile.So we should  keep the vaccum bags avoid the Severe temperature changing, so that it can prevent the vacuum bag from shortening the lifespan caused by Expansion and Contraction.


2, humidity


The humidity in the air also has a certain influence on the performance of the plastic. So, please never put the vacuum packaging bag in damp, airless place, this may make the bag rot; and humid air will make the bacterial growth and reproduction on the packaging bag, and affect its use.


3, Durability period


Any plastic has a Durability period, and vacuum bags are not an exception. For the vacuum bags that stored for a long time, we should check it carefully if it’s still in good condition before we use it.

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