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Baked Coffee Beans (powder) Packaging
Jun 21, 2017

Generally divided into bagged and canned.


Bags are generally divided into: non-airtight packaging, vacuum packaging, check valve packaging, pressurized packaging.

Non-airtight packing:

is actually a temporary wrapper, only for short storage.

Vacuum Packing:

Baked coffee beans need to be packaged for a period of time to prevent the damage to the packaging, such packaging can generally store about 10 weeks.

Check Valve Packing:

Add a check valve to the package to allow carbon dioxide to be removed but will prevent the external gas from entering, to ensure that the coffee beans are not oxidized but can not stop the aroma loss. This type of packing can be stored for up to 6 months. There is also a part of the use of coffee exhaust hole packaging is only in the packaging bag on the exhaust hole and do not add a one-way valve, so once the coffee beans produced carbon dioxide emptying, the outside air will enter the bag, resulting in oxidation, so its storage time is greatly discounted.

Pressurized Packaging:

Roasted coffee beans are quickly packaged and filled with inert gas seals, which ensure that the beans are not oxidized and that the aroma is not lost and that the packaging is not damaged by air pressure and can be stored for up to two years.

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