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How To Effectively Reduce The Loss Of Color Printing Packaging Bag
Jun 21, 2017

Of course, now printing color packaging industry has been such as the day, the broad prospects for many investors eager. But this is not an overnight matter, from small companies to large companies, we need to learn more in one step, accumulate more, in order to grow slowly.

In the printing process, the larger loss points appear in the color and overprinter of the adjustment of the loss. For example, the general domestic machine in the printing of 8 of color products, the general enterprise will give employees a machine loss and chromatic number loss. Upper machine loss generally control the best will be around the 150, of course, this is an ideal value. Chromatic loss is to each color in the superposition 50m color, this is the general color printing packaging enterprises can do. 

But why do some companies appear to be far beyond this amount of wastage? The key is human control. In the printing process, the staff and the basic management staff will think that we as long as the control of the machine production quality is a good account, or as long as the quality of the problem is not. and employees rarely care about wastage. If you can save the benefits and employees to share, that is to say, to staff some of the incentive to reduce consumption, can greatly improve the enthusiasm of staff consumption, the formation of a winning situation.

Color Printing packaging products applicable to food, clothing, chemicals, pesticides and other fields, the company has a complete, scientific management system, for the need for plastic bags to provide you with the best packaging solutions.

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