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Packaging Of Fruit Sugar In Food Packaging Bags
Jun 21, 2017

Everyone loves to eat sugar, children love to eat, the Chinese New Year holiday, Sugar is the first choice for gifts in China. Impression, the market has bulk fructose, useful food packaging bags of candy, sweet. China was one of the first sugar-refining countries in the world during the early stage of sugar refining. Sugar production of more than 100,000 tons of sugar group has 20, the total sugar production of 6.7 million tons, accounting for the national sugar production of 67%. Sugar market demand is very large, especially during the new year, the Chinese people will buy a bag of candy as a gift, why they choose to have food packaging bag of sugar, not in bulk, because China face-saving, like packaging good-looking decent, a fine candy food packaging bag, need to be reliable food packaging manufacturers.

Candy in the food packaging bag, in addition to the outside packaging, inside candy and small packaging. The candy is soluble, the surface sticky hand, the contact air is easy to melt away, the small packing bag is plays a barrier adhesion effect. Add a large bag outside, this food bag plays a decorative role, the second is to block the air again, to avoid candy damp.

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