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Standard For Excessive Judgment Of Packaging Materials
Jun 21, 2017

The International Food Packaging Association has done a random survey shows that 91% of the people believe that the packaging costs accounted for 10% of the total sales of simple packaging, only 9% of people think that can accept the packaging cost of less than 20% of the more exquisite packaging. Over 20% of the excess packaging costs, no one is willing to pay the real money. This suggests that most people are willing to give gifts even if they are gifts, rather than spending it on the packaging.

For the issue of packaging recycling, 37% of people said that if shopping malls, supermarkets set up recycling facilities, they are willing to cooperate with businesses and bring packaging back to the mall, the other 37% said they will consider to cooperate with the business of this recycling method.

Unreasonable design also causes packaging waste

Yu Duyuan, deputy general manager of China Packaging Corporation's Technical Center, pointed out that if the design of the packaging structure is unreasonable, the box could have installed eight pieces of goods only four pieces, in fact, inadvertently will also cause excessive packaging problems.

Reporter learned that China resources million group will join hands with suppliers to limit the problem of excessive packaging of goods. Last year, retail giant Wal-Mart also teamed up with suppliers to address unnecessary waste of transportation costs, storage costs, and packaging materials that could lead to too much packaging.

Normal goods to limit excessive packaging to avoid waste, but for special goods such as rings, ginseng and handicrafts and other high-value goods, may be treated differently. Experts believe that some goods may need excessive packaging to reflect its value, the appropriate excessive packaging of special goods may be a need, "face" needs or the needs of the commodity itself.

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