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The Difference Between Aluminum Foil Bag And Compound Bag And Vacuum Bag
Jun 21, 2017

The sealing machine is made into aluminum foil bag products According to the characteristic of aluminum and other high barrier material after dry-type composite.

Composite Bag main film base material has: the outer layer can be printed film Bopa Bopetbopp inside the hot sealing film Cpppe and coextrusion film. Al aluminum foil is also one of the characteristics of aluminum foil bags and composite bags and the difference between aluminum foil bag refers to a composite bag containing aluminum foil composite bag. Usually as the middle layer of these data according to requirements, plastic barrel sealer through the glue composite film.

Rare aluminum foil bag structure: Pet pa pe or Cpppet L Cppa A L Cppet pa 0-A L Cpp basic features include: PE suitable for low-temperature use, CPP suitable for high-temperature cooking so that pa in order to increase physical strength, puncture resistance, Al foil is to increase barrier performance, tea sealing machine shading generally as the middle layer pet increase mechanical strength, crisp. Toy Blister Sealer Then according to the demand, combination, a variety of properties, but also transparent in order to increase the barrier resistance to oxygen resistance can use water resistant PVA high barrier coating of 1 aluminum foil bag has metallic luster, filling and sealing machine for heat and light with high reflective capacity, vacuum packaging bags and aluminum foil bag printing color more exquisite bright.

Aluminum foil bag insulation performance, maintenance performance is strong, with the characteristics of gas and water vapor, blister sealing machine can effectively prevent moisture and gasification, not susceptible to bacteria and insects, shape stability is good, not affected by the changes in humidity. 3 Use shielding or elution for local aluminized, can obtain any pattern and any transparent window, aluminum foil sealer so that customers can see the packaging content, this is a major advance in the production of aluminum foil bag, is also a significant feature of aluminum foil bag composite bag and aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag difference.

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