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What Information Must Be Marked On The Food Packaging Bag
Jun 21, 2017

Mention food safety, has been a hot topic, the state Food and Drug Administration of food supervision is also very rigorous. Food packaging bags because of direct contact with food, its safety is directly related to food safety. Therefore, in addition to the material used in food packaging bags must be food-grade material requirements, as well as its processing technology has very stringent requirements, must comply with the provisions of food safety.

The topic we're going to talk about today is when food producers design food packaging bags when they're customizing their food bags, on the back of food packaging bags need to be noted, the content information, on the one hand, to strengthen the supervision of food production enterprises, on the other hand, in order to allow consumers to clearly identify the food producers and food formulations of the specific information, to be free to choose food.

The Food Hygiene Act clearly stipulates that food packaging or food instructions must be marked clearly: Name, processing method, formula, main ingredients, the implementation of the standard number, production license number, health license number, production date, shelf life, weight, edible methods and nutrients. If there is food taboo, allergens should also be noted, and warm hint. Origin, factory name, site, contact, if the processing, but also the production of the company and manufacturing plants are noted.

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